Psychedelic Rabbits

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They run the metal racetrack, taunting silver and fawn hounds,

Psychedelic rabbits, eyes wide with stripes of watery red, a circle of purple and black

At the centre. Blinded by hallucinations,

Hearts racing, pumped by ecstasy and the thrill of running along the line between safety

And being torn to pieces.


Howls of bloodlust, starry-eyed, the dogs run on, paws skinned by the rough track,

Win or die, losers will be shot;

Psychedelic rabbits, they must be outraced tonight.


Crowds erupting into screams of anguish or euphoria,

Dogs are clipped back onto leashes, prized are collected; flashbulbs and cameras

Clouding vision into fluorescent splatters of white-purple-green.

And the psychedelic rabbit

Races into the darkness, its purpose served.




The End

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