Loops of silver pushed through lobe and lip,

Glass body smashed open, bleeding like a wineglass,

Crystal angel, you are just cheap glass, dig my wrists apart with your remains.

Kill my soul with your halo of sin; numb my heart with your artificial hope.


Forced worship, bowing metal spines plastered over in paper-skin,

Preach to the converted, tell us the tales of your destruction,

Armageddon, plague of spiders; electronic tarantula,

Venomous as your mantis-prayer.


Killing flowers, pull their heads apart, scrap-metal butterflies rest elsewhere,

Rusting in the memories of everything-like-it-was-before, raising hell and

Bringing down the world; pull it apart; WE WILL DESTROY YOU!

Lead by a shattered angel of death.

The End

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