We Wanna Die Just Like You

Piercing, silver-studded skin, inked with a million patterns,

Dyed, scraped, cut, plastered in make-up; I am whatever you want me to be,

Suicidal idol, so many worshippers, settings stuck on 'kill by number.'

I am nailed to this cross of white-hot humiliation....freak show,

Electrocute me, beat me, scar me, they love my pain and they need a leader;

To lead them to their death.


Cut wide open, bleed like a lamb of god as Higher Power slits my throat,

Sacrificial, artificial, this addiction to pain is a new stunt.

Stuck all over in these needles, please heroin, make me not who I am

But who I need to be.


At this altar, a moat of blood, they bow their heads,

Broken necks and broken wings;

"We wanna die just like you!"

Nation of sheep, follow me over the edge

Down into this sea of obscurity, forever and ever amen.


The End

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