35th Scar - Liar's Curse

*Inspired by Linkin Park music videos and a few half-remembered daydreams*

Reputation rusted, buried in a grave of frozen earth,

A funeral-wreath of withered lillies entagled in a tarnished cage,

The cage my "free-spirit" has been imprisoned in, waiting to rot.

I don't know why you ask, if you didn't want to know,

We are all aware of these scars so why pretend to care???


I am choosing which elements of myself that I should kill off

So that I am no longer a disappointment to you,

So I may shape myself in your form, you may live your life again through mine.

I will not be the messed-up girl that was only a mistake.


Why do the things I want to say only work in written form?

If I could only tell you where these 34 scars came from, before they healed.

You ask but I can never give you the truth you deserve, all I know is lies.


Blood, welling black-crimson from this cut,

I won't be there to hear "how did you get it?" I won't be there to lie.

35th and final scar, bleed out the last of this liar's curse,

Locked away in hell to face my demons, to be devoured by their flames.



The End

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