Untitled Lust

Eyes brown, flooded with crimson, edged with watery red,

Eyes steel-blue, fringed by black, circled in grey-purple,

We stare past each other, there's nothing left to destroy,

We are both dead, nothing can ever gloss over the damage,

The pain we inflict on each other, edged with stitches and numbed by pain.


One wrist in ruins, maimed by blade, one heart stone-plated,

One broken and bleeding, seeping hot blood, bruised beyond repair,

You could have ended this, before you ended me, but I was never enough.

Always worthless, always a temporary replacement for a longterm problem,

Not good enough to give a damn about but a perfect plaything for abuse.


Lost in a tangle of coma-black, partially devoured by my own mind,

A hell, a prison you lock me away in,

There is no such thing as love, just two-sided lust that will eventually,

Ruin everybody involved, apocalypsing this pathetic world,

Kill my mortal form, you killed my heart and soul long ago.


"This was never my world, you took the angel away, I kill myself to make everybody pay" - Coma Black.

"You're not crying, this is blood all over me." - Devour.



The End

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