Torn Apart (4:34 - 4: 50)

Porcelain doll, face smashed in, glassy eyes poked out,

Lashes dangling on melted threads of plastic glue,

Body shattered, torn apart, ornamental mutilation,

Limb from limb, clawed into a pile of bloodless innards.


They disregard you and tear you apart,

All at once, overkill, in for the kill, birds of prey,

We two are very alike, just waiting for the next session of abuse,

Being gradually shoved from the edge of self- control, as it erodes.


Scars, scratched and engraved into a painted bone-china surface,

Or a dagger pulled across bleeding flesh, fraying the skin,

Scissoring, cutting, scraping. Medication-altered states of depression,

Consciousness gives way to black-out,

Die in the aftermath of a nightmare,

Fall, like a bullet-pierced phoenix, into the abyss, into hell.


"You might as well kill yourself, because you are already dead." - Antichrist Superstar.

The End

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