Scabbed Reptile (4:34)

Lightning, an arrow from hell, forked like the tongue of a reptile,

The sky electrocuted into camera-flashes of silver-white light,

Stars shatter like the glass of windows, shocked and splintered,

It's 4:34 and nobody cares what I'm writing, but in these vivid moments,

Of light, and hours of darkness, I belong though I'm alone.


Today another scar disappeared, today I lost another angle of my identity,

You didn't even know it was there, I don't mind that you don't give a damn,

I write your death like my suicide notes, filed away and ready-to-use,

Ready to abuse, I'm ready to lose.


Scarred face, dead eyes, head held high,

My life-story is engraved clear on my wrists, a blood-dedication to disaster,

Lies and cheating, the currency of hell, you think you can kill me, you're wrong,

Suicide won't make you pay, it's just playing right into your clawed hands.


One day the self-destruction will define who I am,

A persona formed from a lifetime of disregarded, downplayed pain,

Another layer of dead emotion grafted over each wound,

One day you will know my pain, in all its bloodstained glory,

One day you will whisper the admission "you are not too young to know suffering."



"When you are suffering know that I have betrayed you." - Antichrist Superstar.


The End

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