Stars Of Obsession - Kataclysmic

I will do better, you will not hate on me anymore,

Obsession rules over me, every star is a bleeding new scar,

The sharpened edge of a rusty blade, three sideways lines,

Crossing over like a crucifix, a crucifix pumping out blood.

My dreams are in your hands, you crush them to pieces,

I wander off into the dark, you call it disillusioned, I call it Kataclysmic.


Dark spots form on the page, I stare into the glare of the screen.

Another day, another reason to die,

You can't hurt me anymore, these stars can't taunt me anymore.


A raised pattern of cuts is taking place,

My wrists are a shrine to every insult,

Lettering carved in but distorted by smears of blood.

What will you destroy today???

If there's anything left untouched?

And do I even give a damn???


The End

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