Faggots, Gays, & Dykes I like, Homophobes & ignorance I despise

(A Tribute To Gay Freedom) I woke up one morning and felt like expressing some feelings, in honour of my Gay friends and their lovely community. It is also A Message for Homophobic People. I believe No Human Should have to fight for their freedom because of who they are.
Youtube Video of me speaking these words.

To be honest Id rather hang out with a flamboyant faggot that accepts himself & loves life Rather than a homophobic faggot that hates himself and hates life,  And you can Call me hippy but I think hate is outdated

You mine as well Call me futuristic as well because I think Love know no bounds,              Its just something I thought of, Loving someone for who they are And allowing them to be

Imagine the peace & love Instead of ignorance and bullying                                            Imagine the freedom Instead of suicides & murder

It can truly happen, you opening up beyond the dogmatic ignorance that so blindly controls your mind, you know what I mean; what if the script was flipped, what if it was accepted to be with the same sex and you want to be the opposite, what would you do? Deny yourself You or would you fight for the right to be you, which seems absurd in itself, the fact that a human being born into this world would have to fight for freedom to be themselves

so can you see the picture im painting, why I love gay people had to speak these words, I forget the worlds fucked sometimes and cannot accept a tree for a tree, A gay for a gay, and truth for what it is

Yet I have hope because the old generations will die and along with them slowly the mentality of hate, fear, & control. And I say good,thyve fucked our future well  enough by design,

So its up to us, you and me, to change our views and blaze a trail so the future can see, That these are the moments we accepted the idea; I AM FREE

I wanted to say this, that I do declare the gay community To be the most beautiful thing mankind cannot swallow

The End

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