Fades to nothingness

She walks along hospital corridors,

Almost invisible against paste-coloured walls,

Her face is pale, tear-streaked,

Her hair white-blonde, her lips colourless,

She's got stitches on her wrists, chest, forehead,

She's got scars near her grey-blue eyes,

Her pointy ribs jab her pale skin,

Bones at her wrists like bolts,

She'd linger in the hallway,

She'd drift near the morgue,

Outside she's calmly miserable,

Inside she's writhing, screaming, burning,

Her thoughts and emotions torturing her,

And every day she'd receive her injection,

That killed her emotions for just a few hours,

Then one day the chemical ran out,

The pain flared up and destroyed her every day,

So she ended it all by herself.


The End

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