Faded Realm


As I gaze through dead and frozen eyes,

I wonder what there is is to see

In a realm as neglected as this

The world was not alike this at the times when I roamed this earth

The tide has changed its rhythm,

And the seasons has morphed into a undecided mass

The earth is pale and white, yet still it is "summer"

I wonder where Nix went, perhaps he froze to his death

For his pond is iced and sealed for all thirsty creatures

I walk among them, these animals cast away…

When I lift up my flickering eyelid,

The one thing I see is an black and white scenery

Which is of tree, snow and northern lights

The stream I used to drink from,

Is now forever cold and damned by brother Njord

I wonder if I will make it,

To stand among the bravest of  warriors aboard the Naglfar

I will tell my greatest regards to sister Sun and brother Moon,

And if I fail, there shall be another life for me

I walk this path of broken bones and bleaked woods,

And I shall wander 'til I find my promised land

Will you accompany me in the quest for the truth?

Or am I forced to wander this road all alone?

…. Not like it would be fairly too unfamiliar…

I have been deceived countless, and countless times again

By frightened and uncertain beings like the new kind…

I hope I shall not ever meet one old friend as one of those!

I yearn for your strength, my heathen god!

To salvage these foreign men who do not even dare a fight!

I shall protect this land for as long as I can,

Yet when I finally die, will you carry my soul?

To sail above the serpent's head, and enter your ancient hall

I hail thee, Odin of Valhalll!

And I hope for your ravens to warn me, when the tide has changed

The End

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