Eyes Wide Shut

I woke up this morning,
With a heavy heart.
Maybe that was a warning.
This is how my days now start.

I should've stayed asleep.
Not bothered to awaken.
'Cause this life makes me weep.
By others I've been forsaken.

My heart is cut.
I can't keep living with this pain.
Now my eyes are welded shut.
To stop the tears, but it's in vain.

I feel the saline running down my cheeks.
No one to wipe away the tears.
So they run down my face leaving streaks.
But it's been this way for years.

With closed eyes I though I could hide.
But I can't and everthing's gray.
I have to lock this all up inside.
'Cause I have to move on with my day.

The End

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