Eyes are the window to the soul.

Some reflect the hardships of oak in maple trees and

Some are elegant with the richness of lightly passionate royal blue sapphires.

Yes we know that, "Eyes feed on your dreams and manifest your nightmares."

but eyes also can lead your emotions, and carry them throughout a storm.

Eyes are your first strike to a lasting impression.

Yet they can protect your soul from intruders.

Eyes can control a sensual moment that has become a juncture of weakness. 

They can deflect your touch or enhance your chocolate high.

The optical might explain that truths are truly a lie, and that pain is enjoyable,

or explain that not everything is what they appear to be. 

Eyes can lead you down a long and delicious personal anecdote, and with them close,

a temerarious roller coaster ride.

Eyes, whatever dark or passionately bright are the windows to the soul

And even though the eye can be deceiving to this generation,

the positive has changed lives for the better.

Lets not forgot the purpose of our optical.

Its to examine and observe our surroundings at all times, bad or good.

Its up to you, what you use them for and see what life unfolds.

The End

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