It's amazing how much you can see through some-one's eyes

It's all in their eyes, all in the eye's they say?

The sights and people you see in every-one by day,

Take a glance, and a second glance,

Is it happiness or dismay?

I can see it in your eyes, in your eyes she will say,

Trying to gather the thoughts and tales that stay at bay,

Stare intense, intense like fire,

Willing to show all the heart's desire,

The young girl's eyes are bright, they are bright the elders say,

She has found the one for her, full of innonce but that dog is stray,

Yearns and howls for the young pup,

But will all that joy and youth be enough?

I can see it that elderly gentlemen's eyes, in his eyes the nurse tried to say,

He is lying still on the hospital bed on Heaven's way,

Loved ones sit at bedside, bedside all day,

Their eyes wishing and yearning for him to stay,

I can see it in both of their eyes, both their eyes watchers say,

They are tied, bound young loved found,

Locked in eternal bliss for everyone to see,

It's in their eyes, their eyes you see

It's full of joy, hope, fulfillment and glee


The End

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