Eye Candy

A group poetry project that includes a Shakespearean sonnet, 10 Haikus, one Free Verse poem (thats is more lyrical than intended unfortunately), and a concrete poem.

 Welcome to the book

That with just one look                                                                      

Will get your mouth watering                                                              

And keep 'ya hooked

We're not a Snickers,            

A Starburst,                                                                                               

Or a chocolate Twix                                                                            

We're just a student poetry book with a new kind of mix

Poems for smiles, and laughs,                                                         

And to swoon the girl's heart                                                               

So, without delay, let us start

We're delivering you a concrete treat                                            

Haiku to bite into                                                                                   

And that's just the main course                                                              

A fresh baked free verse                                                                    

With a cinnamon twist                                                                            

Finish up with a sonnet that'll bring 'ya to bliss

So, what you waiting for?                                                                   

Turn the page                                                                                        

And explore                                                                                           

What your eyes might never see again

Now let the feast begin

The End

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