Open and explore the soul of my rivals, we were all just tripping and trying to find life.

I swear the sunlight doesn't look the same and every silhouette is different

The clouds are moving faster and I wander from though to thought.

I feel like I can see the sadness in everyone. 

What do you really know besides easy bitches and cheap beer

I used to say fuck 'em, because they weren't about nothing.

But then again, we were all just tripping and trying to find light.

Get so high I take off and burn up in the atmosphere and as my ashes fall

They become a comforter to the sand and rain for deaf ears

Seducing my way into your mainframe with this type of gravitation

You talk a lot but I'll still ask you

"Dog what the fuck you know?"

You tripping off that fluoride you been sipping your whole life span

Black out in a trip to reach my subconscious consciously 

I went left and I should have went right man.

Rhyme patterns just tell me you don't think for yourself.

& Improving is impossible if you really just ain't feeling me.

Told her to leave on the dress and just light that blunt up instead.

Told her turn the tv off and meditate and try to clear your head.

I bet you'll feel better. Girl, time; is just a frame of mind

Feeling absent every moment i get closer to the other side.

The End

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