A Blissful Winter NightMature

Deep foggy chill of the winter
Condensed mist covers the window pane
Twirling fingers through my hairs
This strange silence weakens me within

Shy eyes,closing with each breath
Makes me crave for your lips
Come, hold me in your arms
Melt me down,break me into pieces

Soothe my skin with yours
Feels like a touch of ecstasy
The warmth of the morning winter sun
That's how you make me feel

A bliss of this tempting pleasure
The smell of you lingering on me
Hold on to me, I'll never let this end.
Yes you're a piece of longing desire

Trust me,falling into you makes it so worthwhile
Waves of passion seas crashing on my pale skin
The winter moon that's hiding amidst the summits
The heartbeats, echo the sweetest of percussion.

The End

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