Dear Mister Janitor

Dear mister janitor,

I hope you will read this letter and not throw it away.

I hope that you will put it up on your refrigerator or your bathroom mirror or perhaps tape it to your favorite mop.

Thank you mister janitor.

For keeping this hospital so clean.

Thank you mister janitor.

For your silence in the sullen scene.

Thank you mister janitor.

For wheeling around your big cleaning kart.

And stopping for those who have lost their hearts.

And smiling at those who need the hope.

And always replacing the soap.

Dear mister janitor.

I know you're sad when strangers die.

And that you're happy when others get to go home.

And that despite everything you're lonely sometimes. 

But please mister janitor.

Stop by sometimes.

Because I'm lonely too.

And scared just like you.

Thank you mister janitor.

For all that you do.

For cleaning the blood.

And sometimes even the poo.

And dear mister janitor.

If I don't get to ever go home.

If the chemo don't work.

And I'm all alone.

Please mister janitor.

Will you be there?

To tell me goodbye?

To wish me farewell?

As I go to the sky?

The End

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