i am willing to give myself

are you ready to recive

i know that you are dwelling

do see what i feel deep

deep into my ocean of love

slowly my heart unfolds

i miss your warm embrace

i love to feel your heart unfold

i might not be the most beautiful

i might be the most kind

i know one thing

 that you cant leave me behind

we know that times are difficult

we know that times are rough

i know that youll come out of it

and love like angels lust

into chaos we find trust

out of madness we find must

always a door to inner mystics

trust your vibes

as music blistic

forever into human kind

we unfold blindness and shine

be patient and be rewind

loud lions roar

a master in its kind

deeper into a vision pure core

a door for a better lord

always and ever loveing earth

uplift a curse

shinneing diamonds

feel the earth

it talks to you

it makes shure that you are at use

always and ever its true peace

always a door to inner peace

The End

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