No-one's in the room tonight to see

But the music starts anyway.

She turns around on her pedastal all alone.

She goes through the motions she does so often.

No-one sees the lonliness inside her little tin heart,

No-one sees the beauty inside her soul.


But look, the little tin soldier stands up

Walks to the music box ballerina.

He's seen so much pain and suffering,

He can barely remember what love is.

She's under a spell, almost too entranced to

See him watching her, he's under her spell.

She turns and comes down to him.

He touches her arm and they meet.

He sees the beauty in her little tin heart;

She sees the pain inside his mind

which tortures him all through the night.

It's too late to go back now, even if they wanted to.


He climbs up on the pedastal

He turns to help her up.

They dance all alone on the music box.

It seems like hours have gone by;

Just before the dawn breaks,

They go back to their places to wait for sunset

Just like nothing ever happened.


The world will never know

Of the nightly midnight romance

Of the music box ballerina and her little tin soldier.

The End

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