Explosions of Light

A collection of poems, in no particular order, that I have written over the course of my (serious) writing life, which started circa '07.

I am the breaking dawn, I am the bud unfolding.

I am the first-time paratrooper, high above the blackened plain

Giddy in anticipation, terror dropping in headlong.

New discovery whets my heart, stabbing from the inmost core.

I am the morning glory, I am the new-forged steel.


My body, sleeping, is entombed,

But my heart in rapture is revived.

My legs encased in lead, my mind imbued with light

Meanings now unravel, things begin to shift,

The essence of the moment as drawing as the tide.


The call, I hear, a summons, to joy and vital love,

But I yet am stapled down, by doubt and stupor bound.

O when, comrade, will I answer? That I cannot say.

But this call I cannot refuse, to my logic and my soul.

The End

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