Exploding Head SyndromeMature

Exploding Head Syndrome is a sleeping condition. I developed it about a year and a half ago. These past few months it's been very active.

Exploding Head Syndrome

Fatigue clinging to my skin
Bags clear under my eyes
No amount of make-ups going to work
Incoherence – my new best friend

Blinking lots to chase away the sleep
Because I know exactly what awaiting
That damn evil beast
Staying up late
Reading, music, anything that'll work

I don't want to sleep
Not unless I know i'll be gone
Don't let me linger between the edge
That's the place it gets me
Scares me in the head

It starts out so quiet
A whisper that makes me shudder
I know what's coming yet
Unintelligible utters
They're growing in volume

A shout made of violence
Menace that terrifies the soul
I force myself awake
Feeling unsteady breaths
I lie there paralysed for a few moments

Sometimes that's the worst part
The feeling its still around
But it's in my head
I know it is
The voice isn't real

The evil doesn't exist
It's just exploding head syndrome
Just another fuck up in my brain
Maybe tonight I'll try again
Going on a week – four hours sleep

The End

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