Part Two of Three
Make sure you have read "No explanation"

The Explanation

It turns out that my doubt was right

Joe Blogs is just a little mite.

He never liked me he confessed,

And now I’m left in one big mess.


I have no idea what’s truth or lie

Is it the girl or is it the guy?

One of them is lying, they have to be

To say the things they’ve said to me.


According to Jane, he goes out with some chick,

And because of her, he gave me the flick.

Said horrible things about me to bad to repeat

And all he is, is a stupid cheat.


According to Joe, he’s too busy to go out,

Jane said she liked him, which I doubt.

Said it was Jarred talking about me

He wants to be mates but I think it is too late.


I didn’t think I could get hurt anymore

But one of Joe's mates called me a whore.

I’ve had enough I just want it to end

It’s way out of hand, way beyond mend.


The question is whom do I believe?

When Jane found she, she seemed pretty relieved.

I’m so confused and I don’t know whom . . .

Is the liar . . . What would you do?





The End

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