I don’t live my life by technicalities or semantics

You either want me or you don’t

I don’t have to be told, I know I have high morals

I don’t coast in the grey area

I know just where I stand

You got to stand for something.

Tell me what do you stand for?


Little girls don’t wait for ignorance

They don’t hold out for carelessness

When they grow up sometimes that hope doesn’t die

Sometimes it grows with them

Hoping to beat the odds

To be more than a statistic

Does that appeal to you?


I can’t listen to the words “trust

me” without cringing

Words have never been enough

It’s not all about what I need to hear

Sometimes want is overbearing

Sometimes indistinct

I guess I just want you to be near

Show me that you’re around and present

Can you give me it all to me without looking like it killed you?

The End

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