My headMature

My head
is a dangerous place
How could it possibly be
these things
that come out of it
things that should have
stayed in a nightmare
isn't that what medicine
is for?
to make some of that go away
guess it didn't work too well
and how does it feel
being stuck in your head
repeating everything
they ever said to you
it wasn't enough
gotta be dying inside too
but you'll never forget it
not the way the snakes
glide their teeth along your skin
not the way the acid
slid down your throat, burning
not the way their voices
slammed into your ears
every night was hell
and no one could understand
who listens to a child anyway
they don't know anything
injecting their poisons
into my head
every little drop
sliding in my veins
they used to glow
but they've bled me dry
and all this time
my mind was fine
it's a dangerous place
but you'll never believe me
then again
you'll never see what's in there
behind a locked door
this little tick of fear
never left me
screaming six feet under
my head is a place
even I don't want to go

The End

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