Limited WordsMature

An empty soul
is no match
for a full heart
it will burn
your heart out
you keep watch
so maybe your heart
is okay
and maybe it's not
but I promise it is safe
with me
and I realize that
I've had the same words
stuck in my head
for a couple days now
but it's like my mouth is locked
every time I go to let them out
I'm unsure of myself
but this feels right
and so do the words
but they're stuck in my head
so i guess I'll just say
I am completely lost
without you
and that might be because
well I, I like you quite a lot
more so in a way
I can barely admit
you can never be too cautious
my heart pounds out of my chest
when I think about you
or when I'm with you
nothing else matters
with you by me
I still can't
put the words together
so I guess
that's the best I can say
with the small amount
of courage I have

The End

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