There are things out there
that are bad to be addicted to
and good to be addicted to
I was addicted to
the sinking sadness
that I couldn't escape
to the burning sting on my skin
I was addicted to my fears
and nightmares
and pain
because I thought
so long as I feel this
and think like this
then I am human
I thought
feeling so low
and thinking lower
and liking the pain
I thought
feeling that
and feeling pain
meant you are human
that is what you needed
to be human
I was missing something
and maybe I knew that
but I didn't really get it
until I stood up
and said "no más"
because I swam out of that place
and there's no way I'm going back
and I missed the sun
and I still loved the rain
but when it came to falling
I didn't really know what it meant
I still second-guessed
but then I found
my Winter's eve
there is nothing warmer
than you
just when I thought
there was nothing left
to get addicted to
you swept through my veins
an addiction
I never want to end

The End

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