Cuter by MetersMature

You know when you giggle
and get excited
over something cute
like puppies
and kittens
baby hedgehogs
and baby weasels
well I met someone
that took my breath away
you always want that
you want to be able to wink and say
"Hey baby"
and joke like
there's no tomorrow
Well trust me on this
I've got the only person like that
and nah he's no prince
he's better than that
and yeah he's my cutie of the century
the apple to my pie
the straw to my berry
and yea you've heard those lyrics before
but what's hearing 'em once more
I can't tell you how giddy I get
when I can kiss your neck
and baby believe me
this is way too easy
I'm going by meters
Cause I'm a little eager
and don't even test
cause I'm with the best
Are you listening?
This little poem is glistening
But I'm gonna slow it down
sorry to see you frown
but not really
cause I can laugh and say
I called that jealousy
right off the tip of your tongue
cause he's as cute as cute gets
You hearing me?
The way he giggles after we kiss
just one of the things I miss
but I got a list
but I'm feelin' the bliss
that comes from winning
cause I'll leave grinning
you're the main feature
baby you're cuter by meters

The End

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