Ian's Winter DayMature

So whenever
It's cold outside
I remember
Just how warm
I'll feel in your arms
And how nothing else compares
except being in your arms
in my bed
Because why would I want
anything else
other than to be able to stare into
the eyes space created
and Winter fell in love with
and be able to kiss the smile
that the moon gave up
so that it could watch it
from the sky
and maybe they were wrong
about me hating winter
i never did anyway
but you make me love it a little more
with your eyes
that i always say
frozen lakes wish
they could have had first
and yeah
i will never not be able to say
how jealous the moon is
to not have your smile
but how happy it is
to let me enjoy it
and you aren't cold
not at all
i might be your summer day
but that means you
are my winters eve
because that is warm
not in temperature
but in emotion
why would we need anything else
if i could fall as steadily as snow does
i'd say that maybe just maybe
i was the snow
falling for you
if i asked to be deeper
would you say yes?
i could be the snow day
everyone aches for
but only you get to experience
baby i'm not talking about anyone
but you here
and no maybe the sun doesn't always shine
but you shine brighter anyways
so why compare
when it all's being compared
to you
cause you hold the bar
and it gets higher every time
i think about you
and write about you
so where else can we go
but up?

The End

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