Recovery by AntidoteMature

could easily replace
the corner of safety
I gained from the night
for days I couldn't think
thought I'd medicine again
maybe I am going insane
it feels like it
It feels crazy
to need you
like a growing fire
but I am shackled to the floor
when you aren't around
killing me slowly, I decided
If there was anything to remind me
that I am not in hell
it is you
but these nightmares keep coming
craving you, I knew
thinking I had no escape
I was stuck here without you
this insanity
to need you here
the want scarring my bones
I dreamt
you could save me
from my demons
but I am a cage
none could pry open
I lost my sight
and maybe my mind
breaking slowly
barely breathing
when I thought you were gone
I had messed this up
but here you are
there is nothing else to need
my chains broken
my hand clasped in yours
like it was yours all along
the taste of you
stuck on my lips
and that moment
I knew
nothing would ever amount or compare
and I don't mind that
I fancy it
more than anything else
because then,
you are mine
And just mine.

The End

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