Space WishesMature

Second of tgive volumes of poetry. First four have been published, fifth is currently in progress.

If you
had asked me
two months ago
if there was anyone
I held a candle for
I would have smiled
and pretended I hadn't heard you
but you see
there was someone
I kept quiet about
who else
would want to share
that special light
so the rest of the world
could steal it?
You could sense
that I was a little nervous
but happy
you might
even have caught
me daydreaming
and there is nothing like
being able to stare into
the eyes that inspired frozen lakes
or hearing the voice meant to be soft
or even tasting his lips
the colour of wine
but felt like an angel
and still no match to
the entirety
of that single being
that made space seem like nothing
and I stopped tip-toeing
you see
I was granted a wish
he is no prince
I don't need one
he is the silver-blue
star that stands out
he is the full moon
and I would never ask
for anything more
for he is all I need

The End

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