Cross-bones affixed with pogo-sticks and mustard stained lab rats enter the fray with finely manicured tater tots and a box of professional lemmings.  And these are just a few of my favourite things.  Don’t ask me why...I just happen to like crafty lemmings with blue shirts and green hair all roused and ready to play. But when lemmings get wet, they die:


And then raindrops keep falling on my head...my head like a hole.

And this hole exhibits a glorious gateway...down in it.

The aperture reveals both science and magic coalescing.

A perplexing patchwork of Colours and Sounds.

The Colours bend and bleed into and out of existence.

And into and out of persistence.

The Sounds are warm and raw

attenuating into a hardly imperceptible hum.

The Drone fractures the outside world

Providing a binaural baseline to drop;

And envelope the sun in liquid black silk.


Time was then...and time is now; return.

And eat that smile right off your face:

A facade of loose particles and dreams.

Interspersed with metal shards

in a thin orange haze.



Written on 4/20/13
(And, yes, there are one or two fragments of song lyrics in there.)

The End

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