For when the beloved night sky falls elegantly like the crashing of waves, and the picaresque beauty of tomorrow is laid out before you like a ray of sunshine through the overcasted cloudy days,

The way we work is we need to feel amends, we need to heal all that we offend, we need to graciously except defeat, we need to learn life's lessons without repeat. 

When the time comes that we break through our own walls that we have built in the safety of our mind, and free ourselves of all we were never willing to find

When loves beating heart sounds like a broken record, and all that's left is what was thought but never heard

This is your guide through life, this is your second chance to do what's right. Don't give up because you've never felt alive, instead break through the infornalities and instead strive. Naked is freedom, naked is your soul, bury the insecuritys and instead grow old,

Life wasn't fit to end like this,

Life wasn't fit to end like this,

Life wasn't fit. 

The End

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