Vitriolic CruxMature

Here's to my vitriolic crux, she ate through the barriers of mental shortcoming;
You should have guessed we would eventually be defined as a necessity, but we won't.
We will not, never will, in truth I don't expect us to exonerate this Earth-
Or something in poor taste like that.
Or something in worse taste like, what could get else than this?
There's nothing I know of that manages more than myself; and I'm less than myself, and I'm null-
Getting over perusal of privacy or any other ticket out.
There's my vitriolic crux, she seemed so superior to the rest of you while she's limited;
Innocently return whole and I'll go opposite, to an empty style.
Remember me when I go, that we may meet again and on better terms; the best of sorts.
Such showcase could set a caustic daughter off and I can't apologize,
I've done it a million times over you, now gather the seconds together instead of apart;
The median embarrasses, it's so lacking; the total is more comfortable.
Who would divide our time spent anyway, besides obviously me?
You vitriolic crux, just look at what you've done; I did it too, we're a guilty pair.
The guiltiest, as exposed as I'll allow myself to become, and as for you perhaps-
Similar treatment, if not surmount; you deserve another living mode.
You deserve a level public eye, forgiving of shy attempts to be anything spare of a memory.

The End

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