Miracle Delusion FilterMature

Complicating how expired, I tend to tire quicker than I'm wired, how about you?
Tell yourself electrical, eccentric convice another friend you won't;
Speak to them on a lesser note, it's not their fault you're staying home.
This is no isolate event, be sure your mistakes aren't accidents;
Before you falsely claim them alternate- deem my condition.
Hunger feeding somehow a satiate taste, to the intuitive mind;
I'd be rid of me and all this shaking business.
Do you suppose in real-time as I assume position in the heirarchy?
Enthralling tension with the thought of so; instilling recoil inside myself, how typical.
Know the bottom's all that suits me anymore, patiently awaiting-
Dread hour, our own escort to a chronophobic reaction like this was, wasn't it?
Belt out kinder surprise, we've enjoyed your portrayal of concrete meets agony;
Who cares about the face, when the wearer's this asshole there's a hint of the significant.
Of the throwbacks I've met, you now bottom and top the list at the same time-
It's pathetic, the ills that you manage to implement into your life.
Who could have known before hand, this human race craves a human finish line?
This human race will run its course as it should, as if it wouldn't, I'm sure.
I'm fucking telling you, this is clearly the truth so please take it;
Without the rapid repackaging of questions in every form possibly known.
Explore alternatives all you like, but don't bother sharing them with me-
Let have our own ventures to ignore, and pass your half-assed attempt at will to live as strength;
Or so you think.

The End

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