Dead AptMature

Wade ordnance, don't be a target will I lose all control, will I signal my own destruction?
I'm in the blast radius, evacuate all person- replace it with whatever I've been lessened to.
Look, I'm lingering what's happenstance; It's in the past the same as you.
Doomsayer, what the fuck have you heard; that when it's all said and done, you can't disagree?
You'll only know it once, then- food for powder.
Sharpen the tongue and the mind with a gun whose bullet plays the part of an edge.
Polish till hue comes clean out of the wound, you'll get all of your answers again.
Threaten that, built like a house of glass I'm sure we'll be forgotten.
Let's opaque, the sooner the better when we're feeling under every weather.
Whether or not we've betrayed, redeem yourself- for yourself;
Open another shell with each passing day, you'll deserve this.
Fold into new anti-material behavior, it could save your life once.
We are decidedly blind; you've become end-user of your own mind, by your own will this.
Penalty the soul to the wall for show, tac it up there;
Enemies of those affix will annul for all after.
Majesty will hold you in place for sometime, come Sunday you're top.
Keep lying to yourself.

The End

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