Wanton SlaughterMature

I'm brand new again, can you blame me for constantly changing?
I've become completely void, had anyone high hopes for me, I am down.
Do not worry, this individual got exactly what he was looking for.
Don't be sorry for things you can't control never ending quite like you had planned them to.
As I am often distracted by design, witnessing myself develop over time- petrifies me.
Fear and so shall I; Fear the blood of anyone that's ever spilled, I know.
Fear and so shall you; Death.
Now face the sound of silence in the dead of the wake.
You need to know your violence and meet it in it's place.
It's composed of fucking giants, scale them; but to no avail.
You need to hold your own as I've failed to do.
Trust in me now and I will betray you, not of my accord but habit instead.
In ruin rue in residency, the art of self-seclusion.
In ruin rue in identity, what separates me from the rest?
I need to go back home, it's where my heart is, but-
I am never parting with this state of mind in me my friend, I'll always be welcome here.
In ruin rue in routine, I guess that's all we have.
In ruin rue in repetition, let's treat each day like it's the same-
As the last, but where's the benefit?
What do we get out of that?

The End

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