Bones shaking

Heart pacing

Blood pounding

Emotion stirring behind guarded eyes

Open yet closed

A quivering of lips from words left unsaid

Her eyes dancing over his form

Never sticking to one spot

Tell her disconnected heart to feel

A separation of heart and mind never a good thing


Her love could break a good man and burn a bad one

A spirit that can't be touched or held

You can speak to it, whisper your heart

It shall receive you with open arms

Tell your secrets and stories your lies and your pains

Show failure and your demise watch her heart open

Let her receive you

She will stir you up and shake you out


Always one to first run

Never there forever

Not that she believes in forever

More romantic when sad and calm

Never in that order

She is odd yet charming in a spastic way

Never with one thought on her mind

She could break you

Don't let her go

Her excitement will get the best of you

If she hasn't already

Let her excite you

Just once.

The End

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