Written when I was 14, before my first exam - the admission to highschool, which at that time was a serious step for the future. It might be for the teenagers nowaday too...


My hopes are withering away,
and inside me it is raining endlessly hot ash.
Oh, the hot ash of my tormented soul!
Friendship is fading away
without intention -
only fate is to blame.
If I were far away, sadness
would have avoided me,
but I can’t be back there.
In a shell of distress
my heart is melting quietly,
life is melting quietly.
My soul wants to mourn, but the tear stops -
I’m so lonely, that even tears refuse me!
Look, in the way of my life
a dragon appeared, born out of evil minds.
It has hundreds of mouths, and one
will surely swallow me.
It’s only up to me
to succeed in getting rid of it.
So, the seagull of my soul
cries loudly, suffocated
by the invincible glass cage
whose prisoner I am.
I must keep hoping
that the dragon protects
love’s kingdom.

The End

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