This is not meant to insult people who believe in evolution. It is just me, stating a huge part of the reason why I, personally, believe there must be a God.
This was written to one of my professors, who believes that life is meaningless, due to the fact that we're all just products of evolution, floundering about in an accidental universe.

One thing the evolutionists don't teach you is how to deal with the meaninglessness their theory implies.
Factual errors aside,
How can I believe they're wise
When they're so wrong about the essence of life?

If life is basically nothing but a natural progression
And all us here are just products of natural selection
How can you say all this with reassured inflection?

I have a problem with you saying my life has no use
Most people would qualify that as verbal abuse.

You stand there and tell me we're just accidents
That the best we can stand for is meaninglessness
Doesn't your soul ache as you give false evidence?
As you deliver your lies, don't you ever feel spent?

If what you say is true,
It defines everything I do.

There is no meaning to bringing a drink of cold water to the stranger bringing my mail
Or holding a child as he wails
Or trying again, when I fail.

There is no meaning in speaking up for my beliefs
Or working someone else's shift to give them relief.

There is no meaning to all the searing pain I go through to support a needy friend
Or to remind her that this is not the end.

There is no meaning to all the sacrifices I've done for my family
No meaning for fragile hands that struggle to hold to beliefs.

There is no meaning to hang on to hope, when my sister lies in her hospital bed
Just skin stretched over bones, looking so close to dead
Or to the tears on my face, or hands covering my head

There is no meaning to the hours I spent, convincing my friend not to cut her skin
Or that those very words kept her from breaking down and giving in

There is no meaning for my oldest sister and her son
Who overcame abuse and homelessness and other stuff
Or that my sister is winning the fight she's begun
And she'll have a story of battles she's won.

There is no meaning for overcoming my fear
Or that I've not self-harmed for a whole freaking year!

There is no meaning to wind in my hair
Or the aroma of autumn in the air
Or laughing with barely a care.

There is no meaning to Truth-filled thinking
Or my brave friend who gave up drinking
Or the prayers I write to keep from sinking.

There is no meaning to the novels that open my heart and bleed my soul
Or stopping depression, or climbing out of that hole
Or begging for redemption to be whole
Or creating sparks from lumps of coal.

There is no meaning to reaching out to my friend, who's finding her way
Or to the sleep I lose, as I desperately pray
Or to getting out of bed today.

There is no meaning to the hope that kept me from considering suicide
Or to the heartbreak of watching someone's soul die.

There is no meaning to healing the mute
Or the Child born in the Gospel of Luke
Or the fact that my friend's stopped making herself puke.

There is no meaning to the way my heart physically aches and burns and cuts like claws
Because the beautiful soul I've fallen so deeply in love with hurts himself and rejects God.

There is no meaning to my feelings
Or the healing
Or the Truth taped to my ceiling
Or the beauty of believing.

If what you say is true, there is no meaning to any of that.
How can I live, if there's no meaning to that?
I believe in a God Who gives meaning to that.

The End

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