A poem I wrote because of how I hate my smile, i always smile small not showing my teeth because they're crooked, i'm getting braces soon so hopefully this poem won't mean a thing in time, Also the message is just plain bullying, it happens everyday

Do they know I don’t see myself as “pretty”?

They all assume I take pride in everything, even my smile

But they’re dead wrong

When they think I have that pride to be myself with my smile

They try to bring me to reality with them and it’s crooked

I already know

It’s just another statement

Another insult on my body

I suffer enough

They make it worse

I try to fix my problems

My unhealthy body image

I’m not proud of my body at all

I notice:

They complement me on everything

BUT my smile

Every comment erodes me to nothing

Like shoving me closer to the breaking point

My reason I don’t smile

Is because I’m ugly in my own way

I eat myself away with my own insecurity

I drown in everything that is me

I wish for one main thing:

A perfect smile I am proud of

Even for myself


The End

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