Everything Will Be Alright

They told me "everything will be alright",

They signed me a paper and sent me out of sight.

They told me they'd schedule another appointment, 

One after the other,

But I was unprepared for how I would suffer. 

A pain that would rip out every piece of dignity I managed to have,

Some sort of poison that crippled me, stole my self sufficiency, it took all that I had. 


Perhaps it's no poison, perhaps it's a monster.

An invisible foe destined to slaughter.

But even after numerous losing battles "everything will be alright",

Sign a second paper and throw me out into the night.


Our savior has come, our savior is here,

Our savior in an orange little bottle my parents will pay for twelve times a year. 

But our savior was weak and our savior gave in,

Our savior was eaten by my monster within.

"Everything will be alright",

How can I believe it's ok?

Time to sign another paper and send me on my way


Hate what you have, hate what's within,

Might as well hate everything if you're committing a sin.

Hate the false saviors, the healers, yourself, and the crooks.

The invisible monster's the devil and I have been caught by his hook.

So much for ok,

It's only a fight,

So much for the people who said I'd  be alright.



The End

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