Everything ElseMature

Oh now everything has come undone
and your self respect lies in the gutter
next to your virginity
Did it feel good when he broke you in?

I had my heart ripped apart by your lies
Suppose feeling his nub of a cock made it all better for you
Don’t fuck me around, I am tired of this
rip the skin from my body
you’ve taken everything else

I hope the next time his cock snaps off
in the constrict of your cunt
I hope he bleeds you dry with the same respect
you showed me, you showed me

You are empty minded and flat-chested
don’t try and play the guilt trip
Just go fuck him some more
and add to your collection of venereal disease

Then again, you say ‘hi’ to all the boys
with your ass in the air
with your cunt in full view
No one wants to pump that infested hell hole

I hope it hurts when you finally feel remorse
I went through hell and yet you were oblivious
Fuck him then fuck off
fuck him then fuck off
I can do so much better than you

The End

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