Everyone loves dogs

do you love dogs!?!? if you do read this!

If you like the frog

what about the dog?

If you like the eagle

instead get the beagle

If you like the beaver

instead there's the retriever

If you like the crab

why not get the black lab?

What about the birthday for molly?

get her a border collie

what about the present for mama?

just give her a chihauhau

Hello cousin Daniel!

look!, i've got you a cocker spaniel

need to make someone merrier

Duh!, just get them a terrier!

are taking a trip to the pound?

go get yourself a basset hound!

you can get yourself bulldog

or you get yourself a sheep dog

So instead of the animals that make the meows, or the moo's

get the ones that bark, a dog is the one to choose!

The End

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