Everyone Leaves In The End

Goodnight and goodbye
I know I'll never see you again
It was nice while it lasted
I have somewhere to be myself
but that's not important
It's painful but
in the grand scheme of things
Everyone leaves in the end

I can hear the birds sing
doing little to lift the mood
a painful weight that's crushed me
I'm sick of thinking about this
I'm sick of thinking about you
I want to go somewhere
Somewhere no one will leave me again

No one is made for this world
knowing this, we truly understand
Turning away from those who care
and into the unyielding arms of those who do not
I'm so tired of dreaming
I'll wake up soon
to a new day
not of my life
Rather somewhere you'll never me again
I can hear the wind
passing through the trees
Goodnight and Farewell

The End

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