My Shower

A small poem I composed today while freezing in my shower. I'm renting and despite my numerous complaints I'm told over and over again that temperature fluctuations are normal. Sometimes the water comes out hot right away but most of the time it takes almost thirty to forty-five minutes for it to get past luke warm.

I have this growing hatred

For this thing I call “my shower”

It will sometimes get quite hot

But only if I wait an hour


I’ve tried going to the heater

Just to set the problem strait

But it goes in at one –four-“O”

And comes out at eighty-eight


No I cannot understand

Why my shower won’t play fair

The water’s steamy at the sinks

And where I wash my underwear


Huddled underneath the spray

 Waiting for the heat to come,

Wait! Is it finally getting hot-

Or are my feet just going numb?

The End

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