Everybody's best friend

I don't know if I can class this as a poem because it doesn't rhyme all the time. :/

Everybody’s best friend

She stares as I talk

Whispers as I walk

When she smiles at me I know it’s fake

For goodness sake…


Say what you feel because

I can’t say what I mean

You don’t want to look

At my perspective

Focusing on my unique subjective



Please I beg, hear me out

Inside I want to scream

Your stare, so cold, so old,

Demeaning eyes

Like I’m stupid and careless

Like I tell only lies


She used to be my favourite friend

Her arms no longer seem consolidating

My pain grows more excruciating

You must realise that deep inside

I feel so dead, so un-alive

There is no longer an emotion

For myself


I understand your feelings for me

Well no I don’t, how can she be

So different to what she had seen

In my eyes, I will never understand

Who she is, who I am.


I thought she was everybody’s best friend

But clearly not, no longer mine.

The End

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