Every time I want to smile

Every time I want to smile

I think of all the times we’re together

Out somewhere or lazy mornings in

It really doesn’t matter whether

We’re doing something or nothing

As long as I’m with you.


I am at my happiest

When I’m just lying in your arms

I wish we could stay like that forever

You make me feel so safe and warm

Forever with you is never

Gonna be quite enough.


I couldn’t ever say or write

How special you are to me

But I hope you know you’re incredible

With you I’m home wherever I may be

Every time I’m with you I fall

In love with you again and again.


Your smile always melts my heart

It skips a beat every time we kiss

When I look in your eyes the world disappears

How is it possible to make me feel like this

I say a thank you prayer when you’re near

Cos I’m lucky to have found someone like you.

The End

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