*A Single Raindrop*

You hide indoors away from the light

Wasting your days away online

The only way you know the weather

Is on the internet

But it doesn't really matter

Because you don't care

Unless the humidity

Will spoil your hair

Believe me

I've been there

I ask of you now

Please step outdoors

Look up if you will

See the storm

High above?

I'm falling

Here I come

I am the raindrop

That lands on your nose

Trickles down your face

And lands on your toes


I am the pitter patter on your rooftop

Awakening you from your slumber

In the middle of the night

I quench the thirst

Of the grass

That grows beneath your feet

The trees and the flowers

Rivers swell to my music

A single raindrop

From the storm


The End

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