every demon wants his pound of flesh

re-make of the second poem i ever posted on this site.
just feeling a bit nostalgic :P

hey, my demons are gathering
i guess it's that time of year again

they beat drums in time with heartbeats,
the crickets go silent and the forest subsides
because these are not pleasant creatures,
they will crush you down and tear you apart
do not antagonize them, do not anger them,
keep your head down and your fear high

there is laughter, raucous and wild,
before the ghouls hold their melodies
and then let them go into the wind,
their voices are high and reedy,
not good, not bad, just simply being.

but they're telling stories, ones of
kings falling from thrones, and
nasty monsters that lurk in the dark 
so let go, because there is nothing,
no sin that you can commit,
that would possibly shock them

stomp your feet, shout the words,
scream your name, clap your hands
there's nothing you need to hide right now
nothing they don't already know

and yet day still dawns, 
still throws its broken hands upon the ground
and dirties the soil with its sunlight
melting these demons away to sand,
grains slipping through the cracks
and falling away, forever 

and you are left to deal with 
the creatures that the dawn brings,
ones that revel in the light 
and sink their claws into the sun

your inner ghouls are waiting
they wait to be tamed by your skin
and subsided by the taste of pain
but instead you hold out, 
you refuse to give them your torture

you starve them away from you
and drive them to insanity, 
you throw them down the very same pit
that they had emerged from oh so long ago

and so when the new night comes
with the stars burning bright in the midnight sky
and your demons inching closer, warily,
you invite them to dance, sing in the 
flickering reflections of firelight,
you ask them to celebrate your newfound freedom

it's all alright, just a minute fuss,
the darkness pulls you in, 
embraces you, wraps around you
and swallows you whole, 
you are stuck for eternity

but these hauntings are ritual,
old and ancient and archaic,
they are meant for you and only you,
because they are what sews your sinew together,
these demons are continual

there is no end, 
only shadows.
there is no beginning,
only light. 

and both, you have fought.
and one, you have triumphed over. 

The End

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